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The Ultimate ChatGPT Prompt Writing Guide

The power of ChatGPT is in the prompts you feed it.

It’s not a mind reader. Feeding it a few words and expecting it to return an award-winning novel is not going to happen. So you need to get specific with your prompts.

90% fail to use the tool to its potential because of this.

Let’s change that. In my research, here are the best prompt frameworks:

The Prompt Framework

I want you to act as a [person, roles, object, character].

You will [help, develop, create, report, apply, analyse] for [audience]. 

My first suggestion request is [your request statement].

Let’s put this together with a few examples:

1/ Research


“I want you to act as a learning and development manager. You will help create questions to ask line managers about their team’s performance. My first suggestion is “I need help writing questions for a survey on training needs”.

2/ Create course and blog titles


“I want you to act as a super headline generator. I will type keywords via comma and you will reply with amazing titles. My first keywords are habits, skills, careers”.

3/ Improving content discovery


“I want you to act as an SEO consultant. You will help me create SEO-friendly metadata. My first suggestion request is “I need help with my metadata for an article selling the features of the new iPhone”.

Get it? Use specific prompts to get the best results.

The 3 pillars of a successful prompt

This is the biggest mistake people make with ChatGPT prompts 👇

They expect it to be a mind reader with a one sentence input.

If you were tasked to complete a big project you had never done before and were only given one sentence of information, how would you feel? Lost? Exactly. Now you know how CGPT feels.

Prompts need 3 things to do well:

1️⃣ Specificity
2️⃣ Context
3️⃣ Constraints

If it helps, imagine CGPT like an intern.

They don’t know what they don’t know but you can help them unlock their capabilities with the right instructions. You wouldn’t talk to them once and then give up if they didn’t get it first time, right?

The secret sauce is in building an ongoing dialogue between you and the tool.

Useful resources 💡

Get even more prompt examples from this PDF of the “50 Best ChatGPT Prompts” from the team at OpenAI 👇

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