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Who am I? TL:DR

🧠 Founder and Chief Learning Strategist at Steal These Thoughts!, dedicated to transforming Learning & Development (L&D) for the modern world.

🛒 4 years leading Digital Learning globally for Tesco Head Office Product division (15, 000 employees).

🚅 Led the L&D function for one of the UK’s leading travel technology companies for 4 years.

📩 7 years dissecting case studies and distilling my insights as a learning and performance specialist. Over 2,000 L&D professionals have found these insights so valuable, they’ve subscribed to my weekly newsletter.


I’ve been helping teams and organisations crack the L&D code to enable performance.

How do I do that, you say? I’m glad you asked:

1️⃣ Maximising your learning technology

Unlock the power of your digital learning technologies with tailored strategies to empower your people to build the right skills for performance.

If you’re stuck with a ton of content but seeing no improvement in performance, then you’ve got yourself a real problem, my friend.

The best way to solve this is through a specific evaluation of what you really need vs what you have today. Add a structured content strategy to this and you can turn dusty content systems to high-performing tools.

After a decade of building and embedding learning technology ecosystems for thousands of users, I can support you doing the right thing to enable performance.

2️⃣ Nurturing High-performing L&D Teams

Equip your L&D teams with the latest tools, tactics, and frameworks they need to thrive in the modern world.

From cutting-edge technologies to practical methodologies, I’ve got you covered! You’re team is only as strong as their skills.

I’ve spent many years working with individuals and teams to acquire the right skills for the right job.

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For solo L&D pros

Been smashing your head off a wall trying to solve all those L&D challenges? Need a thought partner to bounce some ideas off?

I run 1:1 idea generation and partnering sessions ad-hoc for teams and solo professionals. I’m not a coach and this is not coaching, but an opportunity to call upon my insights.

  • Getting specific on the skills you need to succeed
  • How to amplify your value and credibility in the L&D industry
  • Partnering on those hard to crack problems keeping you awake at 4am

If you’re seeking a partner who can unravel hidden insights and help you build a high-performing L&D function, look no further!

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