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Use This Free Skills Assessment to Accelerate Your Career

I want you to imagine that your skills are like an evolving jigsaw puzzle, where you can swap out pieces at any time to create the skills that you need today.

We all need to build a talent stack which enables lifelong employability and the key to this is in continually investing in your skills to be future-fit.

Make it a quarterly task to reflect on your skills and ask yourself:

1. What skills are expiring in my field of work?

2. What skills do I need to evolve i.e get better at?

3. What are the emerging skills in my industry?

It’s a simple framework but one which will help you focus on the actions you need to take to be ready for today and tomorrow.

The aim is to align your mindset to assess, build and use your skills often. This is something I kept banging on about in the How To Win In The Careerverse playbook.

Keep yourself sharp with skill health checks so you can remain at the cutting edge of career opportunities that our world has to offer.

The key to lifelong employability… be future-fit.

A lot of us don’t like to talk about it, but lifelong employability is what we are creating with building a continuous approach to learning, growth and skill development.

The ability to move fast, adapt and implement the latest thinking is what today’s world wants. And, with this skills health check, you can proactively keep ahead of the game.

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