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The New Tech That’s Shaping The Future Of Learning

I’m sure by now, you know I’m a nerd for all things tech. 

Especially, learning tech!

There’s so much fascinating stuff out there.


How To Write Better Course Sign-Up Pages (4-steps)

Most course sign-up landing pages suck.

Sorry, but it’s true!

Most read like an obituary with boring long intros and the dreaded bullet point list of “you’ll learn” blah, blah, blah.


How To Create A Podcast For Workplace Learning (step by step guide)

Podcasts are all the rage today.

They’re a valuable learning tool.


The Ultimate ChatGPT Prompt Writing Guide

The power of ChatGPT is in the prompts you feed it.

It’s not a mind reader. Feeding it a few words and expecting it to return an award-winning novel is not going to happen. So you need to get specific with your prompts.

90% fail to use the tool to its potential because of this.

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5 Free Tools Every Content Creator Needs To Know

As a creator of lots of different content across many channels. I have an endless bag of tools that I call upon to help get stuff done.