Steal These Thoughts! Newsletter: Learning is an everyday behaviour

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This week I explore why we should help everyone recognise learning as an everyday behaviour and not as a task with a set completion time.

Many organisations and people in general talk about not having the time to learn. A somewhat popular trend I’ve seen of late is to “teach people how to learn” which in my humble opinion is not the best strategy.

Instead I suggest we help people recognise the ways we can all learn and that learning is an everyday behaviour which we are all engaged in, whether we know it or not.

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Awesome tools to build and market your side project

The age of the side hustle/project seems to be booming at the moment and it looks like it’s just getting started as more people look for ways to unleash their creativity outside their 9-5 or maybe even break free from it by creating more revenue streams.

Of course, I am one of those who is using my creativity for other outlets such as this website you’ve kindly visited and in my time of doing all of this work, I’ve come across a number of great tools that have helped me build and market all of my work.

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