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Questions to ask on the value of your marketing campaigns

I thought I’d share some insights on two particular questions that I ask myself when building social media and general marketing campaigns.

  1. Will this produce the right type of engagement I seek or is this just for a short term dopamine release to bump my numbers?
  2. Will this campaign attract the type of personas I want as part of my audience/community?

I find that by asking myself these questions, it keeps me accountable to not only the why of what I’m trying to accomplish but also maintaining the results that I actually want for my work.

Thus, not seeking what I would describe as short term gratification and investing in vanity metrics.

In deploying these questions, they enable me to:

1/ Looking at why I am doing this?

2/ Will I achieve the results I actually need?

This helps me focus on the long term, consider the quality of the connection I want to make with an audience and not seek that instant gratification that could do more harm than good to my intended goal.

You can hear more insight from me on this topic here.

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