Learning Strategy Skills

Recognise learning as an everyday behaviour

Over my time in the world of L&D, I’ve found that a considerable part of that time has been spent in helping people really understand what learning is and that it is happening everyday.

L&D Tools

Questions to ask on the value of your marketing campaigns

I thought I’d share some insights on two particular questions that I ask myself when building social media and general marketing campaigns.

Daily Thoughts

Forget money, be of service

“How much money are you making?”

That is the question I’m getting asked more often since I’ve been growing my platform and building lots of content on a semi-regular basis.

Daily Thoughts

No one ever talks about what we can do

Sad really isn’t it, 99% of the population will tell you what you can’t do.

Rarely do we ever challenge that narrative and talk about what we can do. It’s quite common in conversations that people will focus on what can’t be done or achieved, rather than allowing themselves to consider what could we do?


How To Break Free From Your Parents Blueprint

A quick note before we begin:

This is a topic I’ve wanted to write about for sometime, it’s taken me nearly 8 months to finalise what you read now.

I’ve always been fascinated by human behaviour and exploring why we do the things we do. As a society, mental health issues have been on a scary increase over the last 10-15 years and particularly in my generation, the anointed ‘millennials’.

I believe that all of us in some way are dealing with the mechanics of a path and way of engaging with the world that we did not choose when we were infants, most likely thrust upon us by those who raised us.

As I’ve grown older, it’s become pretty clear to me that many of us struggle daily because some of the things we have been taught in the environment from our younger years don’t actually help us live a good life now.

This post is not me telling you what to do, rather it’s a bunch of thoughts and insights that I feel can help us all find some understanding in why we operate the way we do, whether that’s in how we think, feel or behave.

It’s ultimately about recognising that you have a choice in everything in life and we have the power to change anything.