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It’s better to see than not know

Risk is something as a society all of us try to avoid.

Our primitive brains don’t like any form of risk. As taking risks might equal danger and danger is what the mind quite rightly wants to protect you from.

However, there comes a time, when despite all the best laid plans and all the efforts you have made. That taking a risk is the best option with which life presents you.

I saw an example of this most recently, when a friend on mine had a tough decision to make.

For several years they had this singular goal in mind and wanted to mitigate the risk in getting it as much as possible. But, after several years of taking the path of least resistance, they came to the conclusion that the only way to achieve this goal was to take the dreaded risk.

And in this instance, things did not work out 100% as imagined. Yet, the act of taking that risk has brought them to the point they needed to be. It as allowed them to learn what it actually feels like and use this experience as they move forward in life.

In reality, risk is unavoidable. Everything in life can be a risk. Yet, it is sometimes a risk not to take a risk, if you get what I mean.

It could be taking that new job, moving to that new city or asking out that person you like. Risk is everywhere and in many scenarios, the risk is most certainly worth the reward.

Now you can spend your life running from risk but what life would this be?

Surely, it is better to see than not know?

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