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7 Essential Resources For New People Managers

Are you a new manager? perhaps, aspiring to be one? or an established one looking to evolve your skills?

Then check out these 8 resources to learn the basics of being a great leader.

6 lessons for every new manager

What you’ll learn: You’ve made it the next level and now it’s time to learn how to set yourself up for success from day 1.

Jurgen Klopp’s leadership playbook

What you’ll learn: Insights, reflections and tips from one of the world’s leading sports coaches on the skills and behaviours needed to lead a high performing team in a pressured environment.

Harvard Business Review: What great managers do

What you’ll learn: The actions that the team at HBR have analysed amongst all great managers.

Empower your team: Recognise learning as an everyday behaviour

What you’ll learn: That learning is not a task set by a manager but a behaviour that one is practicing everyday. As a manager, you have a big part to play in supporting your team in constantly developing and connecting them with the right growth opportunities.

Harvard Business Review: To be a great leader, you need the right mindset

What you’ll learn: That all the leadership development programmes in the world can’t teach you about mindset. The team at HBR explore how unlocking your potential as a manager lies within the mindset you choose.

The power of learning to say no!

What you’ll learn: How to manage your time, avoid being the yes person and learn how to determine what’s actually important.

The skills and behaviours of a great manager according to Google

What you’ll learn: How Google determine what makes a great manager in their workplace and how you can benefit from these insights too.

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