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5 Free Tools Every Content Creator Needs To Know (2023)

As a creator of lots of different content across many channels. I have an endless bag of tools that I call upon to help get stuff done.

These have also been tools that have worked just as well in my 9-5 in the corporate world when designing learning experiences.

Here’s 5 free tools that I believe can give you an edge, whether you’re a content creator, educator or workplace L&D operator.


This is what you need if you want sexy, sleek and engaging experiences when telling stories with slides.

You could call this next-level PowerPoint but I think that would a disservice to the great product that Menti is. I’ve used this tool on the free plan in both my 9-5 and presenting at conferences. It works a treat and never fails to get people excited.

You can opt for a paid plan if you need every single feature but the free plan offers a lot already.

You can build your slides right in the tool. You can use all manner of interactivity to make your audience feel part of the experience and not another session of someone talking at them.


I only discovered this recently and I’m already loving it.

It is a direct competitor to Loom below but they offer different functionalities that I feel warrant both of them a place on this list. Simply, this tool allows you to record anything from its browser extension.

So, it’s a case of picking your poison as they say.

Nonetheless, easy setup and low barrier to entry with the tech make this a must have.

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The flipped side to Tella, and the more established name in the video creation space.

A long favourite of mine (still is) that enables anyone to record tutorials, demos and just about anything you want. Like Tella, it provides a browser extension but you can also download a full Loom app too.

It has a near identical feature set to Tella on the free plans apart from the video length and volume of videos you can store.

It comes with different ways to display your videos, so it really is about what you prefer or be like me and use both!


Fast becoming a go-to in my toolkit is this simple tool that turns anything into step by step guides in seconds.

I often wondered how easier my life could have been if I had a tool like this at the start of my Learning and Development career nearly a decade ago.

Scribe does what it says on the tin.  I’d recommend downloading the browser extension and try it out for yourself.

You’ll get your how-to guide in seconds. With full access to edit to your heart’s content and host it on their platform too or download it. Just think of all the possibilities my friends.


Last but most certainly not least is what I call the numero uno, the undisputed, queen of the content creation world. And, that is the one and only Canva.

I’m sure I’ve been using Canva for a decade now with the free plan and it has fulfilled all my needs and more. It is one of those tools that I would pay for the premium version but the free one is just so good for my needs that I haven’t had to.

It does everything and when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING!

I’ve created all my content for Steal These Thoughts (my blog and newsletter FYI) here. I’ve built ebooks, presentations, memes, videos and much more. You get the idea, Canva is the queen that reigns in the content creation world.

Here’s a resource to help you make the most of this great tool

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