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How To Get Actionable Feedback On Your Learning Experiences

Most feedback from L&D courses is useless.

Don’t believe me?

Think about the common questions on post-course surveys.

Classics include 👇

> Were you happy with the course?

> Was the pace ok?

> Did the coach entertain you?

I’m taking the piss here a bit, but you get my drift.

Questions like this provide little use in knowing what works and what doesn’t. So, how can we do better?

Read on my friend.

Introducing B.A.R

Let’s keep this simple and tactical.

We want to gather 3 pieces of information to construct a useful piece of feedback.

1/ What was the knowledge level and/or skill confidence before the experience?

2/ What was the knowledge level and/or skill confidence after the experience?

3/ Would they recommend this experience to others? And, if so, why?

These 3 answers will give you the most useful feedback to take action.

The bonus is they’re easy to answer (think of short attention spans here people) and act as a testimonial you can share with future potential participants.

Don’t overcomplicate this.

Cut through the noise, get to the stuff that matters and make improvements based on this data.

You’re welcome.

FYI, I stole this idea from SEO expert Brian Dean. Another example of a technique from the marketing playbook that helps the L&D community.

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