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How To Discover What Your People (Really) Want To Learn

This is so simple you’ll probably have a WTF! moment.

You can do this in any company.

→ Go to the analytics section of your LMS or LXP.

Locate the ‘search results’ function. This tells you what searches users input to your platform.

You should be able to view:

1. Successful searches: Those matched with relevant content

2. Unsuccessful searches: Those which could not be matched with any content

There are two actions you want to take here:

1️⃣ Review the 10 most successful searches

Reflect on how you can expand on these through targeted campaigns and more helpful content on these topics.

2️⃣ Review the unsuccessful searches

What are the trends here? Take the top 10 results and build content for these. If people are searching for them but get no results, you either need to build the content or improve discoverability.

If you can’t access this on your platform, you 100% need to get your vendor to enable this.

📈 How to make content easier to find

You may not have full control over this on your platform.

Speak to your vendor if you don’t. This influences how easy it is for people to find the right content based on search terms.

You can improve results to the right keywords by:

  • Headline title: Does the title match keywords users search for?
  • Keywords: Do the keywords users search for appear in the body text of your content?
  • Meta description: This is the 1-2 line description used to give users a preview of the content. You’ll recognise this from your Google searches too.

Most LMS/LXPs work like search engines.

Just like search engines, you can optimise content for better discoverability based on a user’s search intent.

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