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Decoding Disruption: The Thin Line Between Genius and Chaos

There’s an old saying that I use in partnership meetings, “Don’t be a bull in a china shop” aka taking a hard-line approach to something in an environment that isn’t built for it.

I’ve seen this approach backfire with L&D consultants and vendors countless times.

Why does it happen?

Artificial intelligence

4 Simple Resources To Accelerate Your Generative AI Learning

Getting smart with AI is easier than you think.

I hate Captain Obvious social posts that proclaim you must learn how to learn generative AI, but offer no solutions.

In that spirit, here’s a mix of free and paid resources worth exploring to level up your know-how in this space:

Artificial intelligence Learning Technology

Why L&D Teams Can’t Afford To Get It Wrong With Generative AI

I stumbled upon research this week (probably while doom-scrolling) that shared most Americans don’t think generative AI tools will have a major impact on their job.

But they do think it will impact others much more.

Career Development

The 4 Biggest Career Development Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

After 15 years of working with enterprise organisations, scale-ups and startups on skills development and career strategies. I’ve seen my share of carer mistakes.

Here’s why people’s careers often stall or hit a complete dead end, and what to do about it.

Artificial intelligence Skills

How IKEA Upskilled 8,500 Employees Using AI To Boost Sales by $1.4 Billion

I’m going to walk you through a revolutionary approach by IKEA.

The Swedish furniture behemoth who used an AI-driven skills strategy to transform their call centre workforce into interior design advisors.

This initiative aimed to improve customer service while allowing an AI bot, aptly named Billie, to handle routine customer inquiries.

It’s a tale of innovation, learning, and a dash of machine intelligence.

Curious about how they pulled it off? Let’s dive in.