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What you and Jon Snow have in common

And it’s not that we all know winter is coming.

No, what we all have in common with Jon Snow is the human trait of perseverance, the ability to endure many of life’s setbacks or what some may call resilience – we are survivors.

For any of you who’ve seen all seven seasons of Game of Thrones, you know that Mr Snow has had some tough times to say the least. But throughout all his setbacks (and he’s had some majors ones), the one thing he’s always done, is find a way to rise to the occasion.

Throughout his journey, his character has evolved through the leadership behaviours he has been forced to build. I always feel like he never wanted or set out to be a leader, but his environment required this of him and has allowed him to better face into the difficult situations he finds himself almost constantly a part of.

Jon has faced many challenges, yet each has asked him to embrace a new behaviour, which he has taken to navigate the next block in the road.

It has been seven years of mostly trauma for the poor chap, I mean who could forget any of this stuff:

The death of his first love………

Trying to save a community of people that his people hate and then these guys turn up!

And then his people kill him for it……..can you believe it!?

Oh but wait he is alive, but only to find himself in the middle of battle again

You nearly killed me twice you fool!

It’s not all bad though, but we know this will get complicated in the next season.

It’s safe to say that Jon has had a few challenges thrown at him, yet he’s always found a way to move forward, no matter what he has experienced.

That is what we all have the capacity to do as humans, to take the hits, persevere and come back stronger. Life provides us with many obstacles and how we approach these will tell us a lot about who we really are.

Like Jon Snow, you can find that will to carry on, the ability to adapt to a situation and take on the numerous challenges that lay ahead.

I believe that it is within the challenging moments, that we learn the most important lessons and with these experiences we can build the behaviours that could make us great leaders.

The basic reality of life is that we will all face challenges, sometimes they will suck, we’ll laugh, we’ll cry, but ultimately facing them is the only way we can evolve.

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