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This isn’t the place: Random thoughts, notes and quotes from 100 days in lockdown

Here’s a bunch of stuff from conversations with my mind throughout the experience of lockdown that made it into my little journal. I’m sure many will make you laugh and perhaps reassure you that you’re not the only mad one in this world.

Jaffa cakes are my enemy. I mean, why are they always there when I’m bored? Who keeps bringing them near me and why do they always end up in my mouth without me knowing?

Is it weird to not feel weird about it being weird?? Anxiety levels are alarmingly calm despite world events. Like eerily relaxed and a state of mind where this current working style is very alluring as a long term model.

Note to self: You cannot make that banana bread which looks as sexy on Instagram. Your talents don’t extend here.

Opportunity for daily movement practices has dramatically increased the health of my body and mind. Although, my at least 20 pull-ups a day obsession for the last 3 months is causing problems with my wardrobe.

Why do we wear jeans? Joggers are just so much more comforting and usable. I wonder if this whole event has been a ruse to get me to embrace the wonder of wearing joggers.

I’ve never listened more intently to another human then by video. The loss of distraction has brought more focus and appreciation of others than the former in the real world ever did. It’s like staring into their soul. Maybe I had too much tea today.

Why do we keep talking about a new normal? Does anyone know what normal was originally?

Do not be hard on oneself if the motivation to do something deemed more productive with time is not found. Come whatever may.

It is hard not to do something even when you’re certain that something is never coming.

Staring out into the world and truly embracing the art of doing nothing has yielded some of the most productive and creative moments in life.

What does one do when the world they left seems better lost but the one to come can be better if only with personal intervention?

Who knew that much could be learned through a PlayStation.

What if there are no more bananas? This disturbs me more than anything else right now.

Intermittent fasting is unlocking a gateway in my mind in which a different form of resilience and bliss has been found. Who knew that not scoffing my face as soon as I wake up would be so enlightening?

What if I’m a human who is not so fond of spending time with other humans? This insight is becoming rather clear in time spent within this apartment.

The struggle of wanting some dark chocolate from the local shops vs the Takeshi castle style challenge of changing clothes, wearing protective gear, washing one’s hands 5 times and running away from other humans in a second is a constant daily thought chain.

I wonder how long we’ll continue this new form of running across the road away from each other greeting in fear of connection? Not to mention the startled eyes of potential impending doom that throws itself across each face when an interaction may be imminent.

It turns out, I can make the bed after all.

I sometimes wonder if this whole event is a drug induced illusion or perhaps Elon was right and this is the beginning of the simulation or perhaps, more plausible, I’ve spent too much time in these four walls entertaining all the thoughts in my head.

If I don’t get a haircut soon, I might find myself reaching that final fantasy level of hairstyle that my 16 yr old self was so desperate to achieve. That or people will think I’m the second coming of Jesus, but perhaps a more hipster looking Jesus.

Who decided that today is Monday, that tomorrow is Tuesday and yesterday was Sunday? All I know right now is that it’s a day that feels very similar to the day before and most likely will be along the same lines as the day after.

If you sleep all day does that mean you were ever really awake?

I’m certain we can all agree that we are not in a simulation. Unless you feel a convincing simulation is one where we cannot agree on anything, cannot make decisions together and otherwise do dumb shit to one another.

That tree outside keeps looking at me funny… (thought chain moments later)… I’m convinced the trees are organised.

Imagine if this was the early 1900’s with no access to the technological innovations we have now. Would it be better or worse? 

If I get one more email which has the subject “the world has changed” or “the new normal” I will start a cult that’s not a cult but contains those who don’t indulge captain obvious statements.

So, we are all wearing masks now…lovely.

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