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Your Free Ultimate Onboarding Toolkit For Modern Organisations

Yes, as promised in the words above, my ultimate onboarding toolkit is here to hopefully help the world of my fellow industry peers.

Ultimate onboarding toolkit front page

This toolkit is focused on sharing ideas, thoughts, tools and experiments that I’ve picked up over the last 16 years (I’m getting old 😢).

Plus, I’ve loaded it with research from much smarter folks and curated ideas that have worked for some of the biggest organisations our world knows too.

The aim of this toolkit is twofold for me.

  1. Pay it forward and share what I know to help others.
  2. Get our global learning communities to iterate on today’s best practices and build together.

Focusing on number 2 briefly, you’ll find a comments section on the page that hosts this toolkit on Here you can share your ideas, improvements and more so others can benefit.

Think of this as an open-source type of project where we share and build together. I get it sounds very utopian, yet this is my intention with the work.

I’ll continue to update and build new editions of this product so it is the most up-to-date onboarding toolkit on the market, and always free. No one likes picking up free resources that are outdated!

Onboarding process

What else is there to say? Not much really, as many of you will know, I like to let the work speak for itself. 

So, the only thing left to do is hit that download button and grab your free onboarding toolkit.

Before you go… 👋

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