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Why You Need A Unique Career Selling Point

A unique selling point or USP for short is often not associated with our career development.

Yet, it should be.

There are 8 billion humans on planet earth right now and we can guess that perhaps millions of people are in the same industry and even the same role as you are today.

So, how do you stand out from the crowd?

This is why we must build a unique selling point for ourselves and our skills. This applies to anyone, regardless if you’re working for a company or self-employed as a freelancer.

Your Checklist

🤔 What is it that you specifically bring to the table?

➡️ Think about your work and its impact and value for companies and clients.

🫰What was the financial value of this?

📈 What was the performance outcome of this?

💡Outside of the industry standard toolkit, what else do you bring?

⭐ What are the unique attributes, points of view and abilities that only you can bring to a shared subject matter?

To get your career profile noticed and grow your career in a company or as a freelancer, you must establish a USP. I talk about this a lot in the “How to win in the Careerverse” playbook too.

Once you know what sets you apart from everyone and can show that to the world, you can truly own your career.

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