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5 Innovative EdTech Platforms Redefining Workplace Learning (2023)

In a $360 billion dollar industry with what seems like limitless technology options. It’s hard to cut through the noise.

This is a list of the most innovative EdTech platforms for the workplace.

You already know the big names of Cornerstone, Docebo, and Workday. There are plenty of emerging companies pushing the industry forward.

Here’s 5 worth considering 👇

  1. TechWolf
  2. Sana Labs
  3. Valamis
  4. Lepaya
  5. Section
  6. Conclusion


TechWolf skills intelligence platform

Company Name: TechWolf

Year Founded: September 5, 2018

Customers: TechWolf has collaborated with a diverse range of customers across various industries. Notable names include KBC, Telenet, SAP, Oracle, and more.

Location: Belgium

Key Facts:

  • TechWolf offers an AI-driven skills intelligence platform tailored for enterprises.

  • Their product is designed to automatically monitor and infer the skills of employees using both HR information and their digital footprint at the workplace.

  • The platform’s capabilities extend to discovering, anticipating, and bridging skill gaps, as well as offering employees career guidance and learning suggestions.

  • The team behind TechWolf comprises experts in fields such as artificial intelligence, natural language processing, HR technology, business intelligence, and more.

Why Consider TechWolf

  1. TechWolf’s platform aids enterprises in aligning their workforce with their business goals by pinpointing both the current and desired skills of their employees.

  2. With insights from TechWolf, enterprises can refine their strategies to recruit, retain, develop, and redeploy talent based on skill sets.

  3. The platform offers tailored learning recommendations to employees, ensuring relevance based on their skills and career goals.

Sana Labs

Sana Labs

Company Name: Sana Labs

Year Founded: 2016

Location: Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in London and New York

Key Facts

  • Sana Labs offers an AI-driven learning platform tailored for organisations to efficiently harness and disseminate knowledge.

  • The platform employs machine learning to craft personalised learning experiences, enabling entities like health systems, financial institutions, and pharmaceutical firms to gauge their teams’ capabilities and growth.

  • Users receive learning recommendations tailored to their needs and performance-based assessments.

Why Consider Sana Labs

  1. Sana Labs stands out with its all-in-one AI-powered learning platform, merging top-tier learning systems, enterprise search, and meeting tools.

  2. Trusted by industry giants like Novartis, Merck, PepsiCo, and Mount Sinai.

  3. With a pioneering approach to personalized learning and a robust AI foundation, Sana Labs is reshaping the way organizations learn and exchange knowledge.


Valamis learning platform

Company Name: Valamis

Year Founded: 2003

Location: Headquartered in Joensuu, Finland, with offices in countries around the world, including Boston and Jaipur

Key Facts

  • Their flagship offering, the Valamis Learning Experience Platform, boasts features like intuitive content creation, adaptable learning paths, robust integrations, skills mapping, event coordination, and an integrated learning record store.

  • The platform accommodates a variety of learning formats, from digital training and webinars to live events and seminars.

Why Consider Valamis

  1. Valamis delivers a holistic learning solution, blending diverse learning formats and gamification to craft universally accessible learning experiences.

  2. Customers include T-Mobile, Amadeus and Virgin Media


Lepaya learning platform

Company Name: Lepaya

Year Founded: 2018

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Key Facts

  • Lepaya is a versatile learning and development tech provider, offering a mix of online, offline, virtual reality, and AI-driven training methods.

  • Their learning platform emphasises mastery-based learning, integrating both hard and soft skills, termed as “Power Skills.”

  • Lepaya’s clientele includes rapidly growing European tech firms like Mollie, Takeaway, and Picnic, as well as industry leaders like L’Oréal, KPMG, ING, and PwC.

Why Consider Lepaya

  1. Offers a comprehensive mix of online, offline, VR, and AI-driven training.

  2. Centralises learning content, methodology, and technology for easy learner access.

  3. Accessible via smartphones or integrations like Microsoft Teams.

  4. Features include performance tracking, customisable content, API integrations, certification options, expert trainers, and more.


Section school MDS education

Company Name: Section

Year Founded: 2015

Location: New York, NY

Key Facts

  • Section is a business education platform dedicated to offering top-tier, strategic education to all ambitious people, not just to executives or MBA holders.

  • The platform boasts a range of courses led by expert instructors from the world’s leading brands. They provide actionable tools, frameworks, and strategies for immediate workplace application.

  • Section democratises business education by delivering high-caliber content at a fraction of an MBA’s cost.

Why Consider Section

  • Offers a fresh, hands-on approach to business education, emphasising skills and strategies for direct workplace implementation.

  • Prides itself on being both accessible and affordable, broadening the reach of quality business education.

  • Cultivates a strong sense of community, ensuring a nurturing space for both personal and professional development.


As I said at the beginning of this. The list is not a definitive view of the best tools out there.

These are the ones which I think have a lot of potential in the years ahead. As always, do your own research too. Only buy tech that solves a problem for your business and end users.

Get a free download of my learning technology decision making template to help you with that.

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