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3 Ways to Work Smarter With ChatGPT For HR and L&D Teams

As a self-confessed tech nerd and L&D strategist, I love exploring new tools and technology.

If you follow my work (and thank you if you do), you might know that I have a little bit of a crush on ChatGPT from OpenAI. I’ve been exploring, sometimes falling, my way through this generative AI tool.

I still can’t quite get used to conversations about LLM’s (large language models), but hey, I’m trying!

For my fellow L&D pros, I want to share 3 use cases which I believe you might find useful in your own work.

1/ The Thought Partner

I’m not as fussed with content creation with generative AI as most.

As someone who writes a lot, I enjoy the process of writing as a tool to clarify my thinking. I have a rather overactive mind. One I don’t think even generative AI could make sense of.

Instead, I look for ways ChatGPT can support me in my thinking process.

As a solo freelancer, I do miss the opportunity to bounce ideas off others. If I can’t get a human connection, I find CGPT to be helpful.

Here’s how you can do that to 👇

2/ Analysing large data

If there’s one task I get excited about Gen AI supporting me with the most, it’s navigating data.

I’m not talking about summarising it only. Getting a different point of view and unearthing insights that I haven’t thought of is incredibly powerful.

See how I did it with data from my own ‘State of AI in L&D’ report and try it out for yourself. (Note: You need the pro version to use this feature).

3/ Summarising content

I love listening to podcasts, but I hate taking notes while consuming.

It’s distracting. I usually get lost in another train of thought that’s inspired by something I’ve consumed. To help with this, I’ve been using CGPT as a summarisation partner to do two things:

  1. Synthesise key insights from a piece of content
  2. Provide a different POV on the content

I find this useful as I get notes for my own future use and learn about things that I missed.

You can learn how to do this too 👇

Explore and experiment

The joy of learning is by doing, friend.

I’m not an expert on any of this. I’m just a fellow explorer trying to make sense of this all. Give these a try and let me know how you get on. I’d love to learn about your explorations in the generative AI world.

Speak to you later, human.

💡 Useful resources

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Generative AI Explained: A simple guide for humans

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