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How To Thrive in Your Job: 3 Essential Steps to Stay Ahead with AI

Generative AI is happening wether you like it or not.

So why ignore it?

Here’s 3 ways to get ahead of this in your work 👇

1. Educate yourself

You shouldn’t use any tech without a basic knowledge of how it works.

Access to this information for GEN AI is everywhere. A little education goes a long way. The more you know, the more you can maximise in your work.

2. Get clear on what’s useful

Social media tells us 1000’s of new AI tools are released daily.

Truth is 95% of these have nothing to do with AI. They’re sub-par products riding the hype wave. It’s your job to find what’s real and works for you.

Here’s my recommendation:

  1. Pick one popular app: ChatGPT, Claude or Google Bard
  2. Experiment with this one tool for 6 weeks
  3. Pick one other tool that’s specific for your industry. For example, writers might choose or Jasper
  4. Experiment with both for 6 – 8 weeks. If they don’t fit, try others.
  5. Keep it minimal. Always have 1 general tool + one industry specific

Suggested reading: How to assess when to use AI tools.

3. Identify use cases

You should never use any piece of tech just because market expectations are high.

You always need a use case. You might find current generative AI tools don’t have any use cases for you, and that’s fine.

Here’s an exercise to try:

  1. Open a doc or a notebook
  2. Write down the max 10 tasks you do weekly
  3. Review each and ask, “from what I know about current generative AI tools, can they help with this task’?
  4. If so, investigate how and learn to use in your work.

Final thoughts

This is a beginners guide.

Get started, don’t be afraid to experiment and keep learning.

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