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5 ways To Leverage ChatGPT (Enterprise) For Your Talent Development Strategies

These ideas are for those who are using the enterprise version of ChatGPT in their organisation. This means your data is secure and the training data is from your organisation, not the world’s database.

Not all may work in your organisation.

As I always say, culture, context and constraints play a huge part in what you can deliver. Any generative AI tool is only as good as the data it is trained on. If your data isn’t high quality don’t expect it to produce miracles.

Anyway, that’s my lawyer clause over.

Here’s 5 ways you can maximise ChatGPT (Enterprise) to improve your talent and learning strategy.

1. On-Demand Learning Support

Imagine a 24/7 tutor that never gets tired.

ChatGPT can serve as an on-demand learning assistant, answering queries, explaining concepts, and even offering resources for further learning. It’s like having a pocket-sized professor!

The best part? It’s trained on your company data.

So, it knows your protocols, processes, policies and ways of working. This would hopefully reduce those pesky ‘5 minute’ queries to save your precious time.

There are a few examples of online creators and startups offering this type of solution already.

This was something I wanted to bring to life in an enterprise organisation about 8 years ago. But the technology just wasn’t there yet. I didn’t want to bring in a chatbot which was like those awful ones we’ve all used for customer support at banks 😡. I killed the idea, quickly.

Now, LLM’s provide a true conversational experience.

One where you have a much higher chance of getting the answer to your question, and none of the poor ‘please pick from this pre-defined list’ of queries experience.

Here’s a few examples to check out for inspiration:

2. Employee Onboarding

New hires often feel like they’ve been thrown into the deep end.

What if you could have a helpful friend to navigate your new world?

ChatGPT can serve as a virtual onboarding assistant, guiding newbies through company policies, software tools, and even the office layout. Who needs a map when you have a chatbot? (side note: why do they always provide physical maps? We have the technology, people!).

Again, this is something I have been doing through Slack for many years.

I even went as far as to work with engineers to scope out an internal assistant, but now, ChatGPT Enterprise gives me access to do this without the huge amounts of development time.

You could train CGPT on all of your onboarding content so it’s prepared to be your newbies best buddy.

→ A recommendation for you: Don’t leave the total experience to AI.

Humans learn by doing, watching and listening with other humans.

The human touch is well-needed in any onboarding experience. I covered this extensively in my ultimate onboarding toolkit which you can access for free.

Woman wanting a digital company onboarding experience

3. Skill Gap Analysis

This one is going to need more work than the rest.

Skill frameworks and taxonomies are often bloated. Which is another way of saying complicated.

You could use ChatGPT to act as an assessment tool for teams. However, you’d need to get your own data in order first. The power of any tool is based on the data it’s fed.

Here’s a few ways this could work:

✅ Real-Time Feedback

As employees interact with ChatGPT for various tasks, it can provide real-time feedback on their performance.

This could be as simple as correcting a grammatical error in an email draft or as complex as suggesting a more efficient coding practice.

📈 Trend Analysis

By analysing interactions over time, ChatGPT can identify emerging skill gaps of individuals and across teams.

Essentially, it’s using a data led approach to predict where support is most needed.

🔍 Skill Tracking Over Time

ChatGPT can maintain a record of all interactions and assessments, allowing for a long-term analysis of skill development.

You can chart your growth over time.

This would be useful for year-round performance and those pesky yearly reviews we all love to hate.

📖 Resource Recommendations

Based on the gaps identified, ChatGPT can recommend specific experiences, interventions and content for skill development.

This was always the promise of the LXP and LMS, but it never quite got there. They were well intentioned but turned into monoliths of content which have become troublesome in surfacing the right content.

HR pro amazed by ChatGPT

4. Automating HR Queries

Let’s face it, HR teams are swamped.

ChatGPT has the potential to handle basic queries like leave policies, benefits, and more. This could free HR to deal with more complex issues.

I know that too much of a HR partners time is stolen by tasks that automation and generative AI tools could handle.

Admin tasks kill great HR teams.

Why not let ChatGPT find the basic information for employees and you can focus on the moments that matter.

5. Real-Time Language Translation

Got a global team? Need to translate your content into x languages?

This is a common challenge many businesses face and one that is rather pricey.

Fret not, ChatGPT can translate conversations in real-time, breaking down language barriers and promoting a more inclusive work environment. It’s like the United Nations, but in your office without those weird headsets.

Other generative AI tools like HeyGen can even take existing video content to convert it into another language of your choice. Using it’s AI voice cloning software you can take on any language you want.

Check out my Spanish in the example below.

My Spanish speaking counterpart

Final thoughts

Now you know.

ChatGPT (Enterprise) can offer a variety of potential applications for your talent and learning strategies. Always keep in mind that the effectiveness of ChatGPT is heavily reliant on the quality of the data it’s trained on.

I’ve said it already, but I’ll say it again.

It’s crucial to balance the use of AI with the human touch, especially in areas like employee onboarding.

These are some ideas to spark your own experimentation. Enjoy.

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