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How L&D Teams Can Unlock The Power of Generative AI Tools For Employees

Organisations have two choices with AI (and any tech for that matter).

Choose to augment or automate.

For clarity:

Augmentation = Supports and improves human decision-making and actions with technology

Automation = Completely replaces human decision-making and actions with technology

This isn’t an exclusive task to AI.

We’ve been doing this with all forms of technology for centuries. That includes more than digital tools.

At this moment, organisations (just like us) are looking to understand the opportunities and limitations of generative AI technology. Let’s be honest, it’s good but it ain’t perfect.

In my work researching the roles of the future with generative AI. I’m focused on the tasks it could replace and or support.

Based on this, I work with organisations to identify the common skills needed to do those tasks.

The question then becomes whether current Gen AI standards replace those entirely or only partly. If partly, what % and how much human interaction is needed?

Looking at this from a task lens (vs jobs) enables companies to evaluate where they can:

  1. Best utilise humans
  2. Simplify time-killing processes
  3. Get a clear view of the skills needed for future organisational performance

Gen AI will replace some tasks and thus jobs, but it will also create new ones.

That’s my Ted Talk over. You’re welcome.

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