Podcast Episode #2: Keeping mentally healthy in strange times

The latest episode of the Steal These Thoughts! audio experience aka my podcast has just dropped on all your favourite podcast platforms.

#11: The evolution of digital learning in higher education w/Neil Mosley Steal These Thoughts!

In this episode from the second volume in the podcast , I had a great conversation with leading digital learning designer and strategist, Neil Mosley about the evolution of online learning in universities in 2020. Neil has an established career working with several top universities including Cardiff University and London Imperial College Business School to shape a better learning experience for students. We talk about the state of digital learning in universities pre and post the pandemic, how higher education establishments are adopting the latest tech in online learning and how universities can evolve their approach to helping students learn in today's world. Find Neil on Twitter and LinkedIn. Don't forget to check out the blog at www.stealthesethoughts.com and connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn
  1. #11: The evolution of digital learning in higher education w/Neil Mosley
  2. #10: The importance of knowing what to unlearn
  3. #9: How the world of people development will evolve post pandemic
  4. #8: The evolution of Slack and Microsoft Teams in workplace learning
  5. #7: The rise of live streaming, twitch and the new wave of careers w/The OnlyNoodles

In this one, I explore tools and tactics that we can all use to keep mentally healthy in the ever evolving strange times we find ourselves in. I’m biased but I feel like there is something for everyone in this episode and I hope you find it of value too.

Make sure to check out the companion blog post to this too.

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