Podcast Episode #2: Keeping mentally healthy in strange times

The latest episode of the Steal These Thoughts! audio experience aka my podcast has just dropped on all your favourite podcast platforms.

#2: How to keep mentally healthy in strange times Steal These Thoughts!

In this episode, I explore some thoughts and tips on keeping mentally healthy in strange times.  Check out the companion blog post here: https://stealthesethoughts.com/2020/03/16/keeping-mentally-healthy-in-strange-times/ Don't forget to check out the blog at http://www.stealthesethoughts.com and connect with me at Twitter: @_Rsvenson and LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/rstevensonuk
  1. #2: How to keep mentally healthy in strange times
  2. #1: Employee reboarding post COVID19
  3. Welcome to the Steal These Thoughts Audio experience

In this one, I explore tools and tactics that we can all use to keep mentally healthy in the ever evolving strange times we find ourselves in. I’m biased but I feel like there is something for everyone in this episode and I hope you find it of value too.

Make sure to check out the companion blog post to this too.

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The podcast has landed! 🎙️

Just a quick post to let you know you can listen to the first episode from the Steal These Thoughts! audio experience on any podcast platform of your choice.

Listen on Spotify and Pocket Casts right now. Here’s the RSS feed if you can’t find it on your preferred platform: https://anchor.fm/s/1f132d64/podcast/rss

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Preview of the Steal These Thoughts Podcast 🎙️

Creating an audio experience for my blog has been something I’ve been wrestling with for some time. With some extra time on my hands, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and take the plunge into the world of podcasting as an experiment.

Not sure if I’ll do this long term but let’s see how it goes. Get a taster of the first episode focused on employee reboarding post COVID-19 in the video below.