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Why you don’t have to ditch corporate life to be a success

I cannot tell you how sick I’m becoming of seeing the same article over and over again about why I should quit my corporate job.

It seems like the hot thing to preach recently is that we can only be a success if we work for ourselves, being an entrepreneur or social media personality is the latest #trend.

Personally, I believe that’s absolute BS.

It’s not for everyone, nor should it be as many of us find a great deal of success in working for others. If we all decided to become entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and independent workers than our economic landscape would be in a bit of trouble.

It’s becoming all too popular on blogs and social media that everyone is now a lifestyle expert or coach or life hacker or whatever random title they have this week.

Everyone is so keen to tell us that we shouldn’t work for someone else and that they have a fancy article with a list of all the things successful people do and if we do these, we’ll be successful too – I don’t buy into that.

Our happiness is based on our personal outlook.

So full disclosure, I’m in a corporate role right now. It challenges me, it lets me work with great people, have great experiences and most importantly makes me happy. I’m not hating on those who are doing their own thing, as long as it’s making them happy and they are doing it for themselves and not because it’s what they believe they should do.

I believe that you can be happy in the corporate world working for someone else as long as your work aligns with your values and beliefs.

How is that any different to being an entrepreneur or social media star? They do what they do as it relates to their values and beliefs (well, we hope they do anyway).

Don’t ever think that you’re not successful because you’re not the latest social media star or up-and-coming entrepreneur.

Success and happiness are interwoven, personal to you, and only you can determine what this means, not the so-called lifestyle ‘experts’.

We should all pursue what makes us happy, whether that is in the corporate world working for the man or doing your own thing.

You can have a 9-5 and a 5-9, it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

So finally, let me leave you with a little quote which I hope will resonate with you on this:

True happiness beats in your chest. Work out what you like to do best and try to do more of that. Don’t torture yourself pondering the purpose of life. It’s here, it’s now and it won’t last forever, so enjoy it.”

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