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Decoding Disruption: The Thin Line Between Genius and Chaos

There’s an old saying that I use in partnership meetings, “Don’t be a bull in a china shop” aka taking a hard-line approach to something in an environment that isn’t built for it.

I’ve seen this approach backfire with L&D consultants and vendors countless times.

Why does it happen?

Daily Thoughts

Why emotions matter in workplace performance

When someone is not performing as expected in the workplace, it’s quick to pass judgement.

You might think they’re lazy, incompetent or just not capable of completing the tasks they’ve been set. All of these things might be true but they might not be too.

Daily Thoughts

The problem with KPI’s and learning cultures

I’ve spent most of my career being tasked with “building a learning culture” or “getting more of our people to be learners” – these have been continual threads throughout my whole career.

The funny thing is, there is no such thing as learners 😱, they’re only humans aka us. You don’t choose whether to be a “learner” or not. Much like you don’t choose to be a human.


What I learnt from the man who coached leaders at Google, Apple, Amazon and more

Bill Campbell is often known as the coach of silicon valley.

He was the business coach to many tech superstars including Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg and Sundar Pichai at Google, Susan Wojcicki at YouTube, Steve Jobs at Apple, Brad D. Smith at Intuit, Jeff Bezos at Amazon, John Donahoe at eBay, Marissa Mayer at Yahoo, Jack Dorsey and Dick Costolo at Twitter, and Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook.

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Predictions for the world of learning, education and personal development in 2021

In keeping with a loose tradition that I’ve cultivated over the last few years, I present the latest installment in my “Predictions for the world of learning, education and development in 2021”.

Now when I sat down this time in 2019 to share my predictions for 2020, I never imagined we would get the year we did. But, I mean, who did, right?