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Forget passion, practice discipline for career success

What do you consider to be the key ingredient for any type of success or reaching one’s potential?

I often ponder this question when reflecting on conversations on career and personal development. And the answer I keep coming back to is discipline.

I talk to a lot of people who have desire and passion but very few have that key trait of discipline. And this is where we often fall down.

Many are too busy making grand plans for life whilst it passes them by due to lack of discipline. This is the true thing to fear in my opinion.

Not failure but lack of discipline to do the things you only dream of right now.

In order to make something better and get access to true freedom, you must have discipline because that discipline = freedom.

This is true in many areas of life including:

➡️ Career development.
➡️ Mental health.
➡️ Physical health.
➡️ Personal growth.
➡️ Financial wellbeing and more.

You can have all the desire, passion and right intentions. Yet, without discipline, it will be very hard to reach your potential and steer the course of your own ship.

This is a thought I cover extensively in the How To Win In The Careerverse playbook.

So, when you’re making your own plans for personal development, career development or whatever it might be.

Don’t just focus on whether you have passion and desire.

Ask yourself, how can I create the discipline needed to do these things? Build that environment and philosophy, and who knows where it can take you.

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