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AI Copilots Will Finally Fulfil The Promise Of ‘Learning in The Flow of Work’

Back in 2018, famed HR analyst, Josh Bersin coined the term “Learning in the Flow of Work®” and the L&D world went mad for it.

For years, not a moment, a social post or industry blog went by without mention of this very phrase.  It became part of the buzzword lexicon quicker than Ed Sheeran can bang out the next heartbreaking tune. It was ingenious.

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The Ultimate ChatGPT Prompt Writing Guide

The power of ChatGPT is in the prompts you feed it.

It’s not a mind reader. Feeding it a few words and expecting it to return an award-winning novel is not going to happen. So you need to get specific with your prompts.

90% fail to use the tool to its potential because of this.

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The 4 Best AI Writing Tools You Need To Know

It seems like the era of AI apps for every piece of art form is upon us.