How to re-skill for the new world

I’ve tried my best to avoid writing about COVID19 related topics and avoid most news related to the topic right now but I always find myself drawn back in somehow. So, here I am again, writing about a COVID19 related topic. However, I jump back in for what I hope is a good reason in exploring how those that have lost their jobs, currently furloughed or at risk of losing their job due to this strange time can look to re-skill to take on a new opportunity.

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Thoughts on employee reboarding post COVID-19

A popular phrase I’m hearing at the moment is reboarding.

For those not in the know, reboarding is the process of re-introducing people back to the workplace after the disrupted environment caused by COVID-19.

This is going to be high on the agenda for all workplaces and in particular HR teams. After such a long period of disruption, uncertainty and a lot of fear. We’ll all need an adaptation period and a plan to help us get settled and look to navigate whatever the world will look like.

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Be like Batman: Keep evolving and diversifying your skills

This is a tongue in cheek post but one that has an important message on having a varied skill set that continues to evolve and contribute to your overall talent stack.

Many say that skills in the workplace is the biggest economy nowadays and it’s hard to disagree. The skills you possess make you more attractive to employers, allow you to execute on the work you do and pay for your lifestyle.

Yes, you heard that right, the better quality and diversity of your skills, the more dollars are dropping in your bank account.

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Making the most of Microsoft Teams: A playbook for L&D teams

I’ve been lucky enough to use a number of pretty cool collaboration tools in my career so far. 

Microsoft Teams along with Slack have been at the top of my most used pile. Specifically, I’ve been working with these tools to enable and support my work in workplace learning.

As we’ve pivoted to a remote working model globally for the interim, I thought I’d share some tips, tricks and resources that will help any learning team (and really any person working remotely) make the most of Microsoft Teams.

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