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This week I look at appreciating the old and new when designing learning experiences, a thought provoking quote and if remote working could be the answer to a potential talent crisis for UK companies post-Brexit.

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Start with why

Why am I doing this? why are we choosing this course of action? Why has this happened?

For me ‘why’ is one of the most powerful words you can use. In whatever you do, whether it’s in a professional or personal scenario, we should always ask ourselves – Why am I doing this? why is this project or programme important for our business?

Understanding the ‘why’ is the biggest part of anything we embark on. The how and what are important too, yet without understanding – why are we/I doing this, we cannot fully buy-in to what we are trying to change and achieve.

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Old does not mean dead, new does not mean best

This piece has been inspired by three things, one being a recent post I shared on LinkedIn that you can view in the picture below, a lyric from a new song by Slipknot and a movie called the Intern starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway – an odd combo I’m aware.

My context and aim in releasing the LinkedIn post was initially to start a conversation on not discarding what we already have in favour of what’s on trend. It the days after I posted this, I began reflecting on what this philosophy could mean for many areas of life and in particular in the fields of learning an marketing which I operate in.

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