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Predictions + trends for the world of learning in 2020

Last year the folks at elucidat asked me what I thought the big digital learning trends for 2019 would be. You can read those here.

So, let me share my predictions with you for the world of learning in 2020.

Less continuous, more connected 📲

Continuous learning has long been pushed over the last few years. But what good is it if you’re not connected with the right stuff? I believe the rise of connecting people with the right stuff and not more stuff is the next priority for many L&D teams.

Many businesses have bloated content catalogues that leave people confused 🤷‍♂️ about what’s right for them. Making even more content available is not the answer.

Chatbots join the team 🤖 

A potential game changer for some and valuable performance support function for many of us.

I believe chatbots are a great enabler of delivering learning at the point of need. They are a potential low cost, high reward solution for those with broken ecosystems and a less than desirable user experience.

The robots are here to help, not take over.

Be more human 🤝

Human centred design has always been a big priority for me. Getting closer to the people in your business, understanding their actual challenges and focusing on how to maximise our most human traits in a digital world is a fascinating challenge.

I’ve listened to much talk on the need to evaluate our skill stacks. To focus on the expiring, evolving and emerging skills we need to be future- fit. In a world dominated by tech, it’s important to focus on the unique skills and qualities that only a human can bring.

The combination of maximising our human skills and getting closer to the challenges people face is a value add for any learning team.

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3 replies on “Predictions + trends for the world of learning in 2020”

Fully agree with the human part. Tech can support and innovate in some amazing ways, but it is so important that the human aspect remains central. Great leaders, managers, innovators and so on exisited before tech!

Couldn’t agree more Dan. Technology in my opinion is an enable to being better humans but not the answer. In the skills economy, I truly believe it will be those with the most developed human skills that will be successful.

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