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The most important words I wrote this year

Ikigai: A blueprint for meaning

Ok, so we know that we are all looking for meaning. But how do we find it? Do we embark on a meditation spree to wait for the mind to have a eureka moment? Or is it like catching a wild Pokémon, where we run around urban areas with our phones out shouting “it’s over there!”?

Your phone is not trying to kill you

Your phone is not evil and it does not force you to do stuff. Unless you plan on convincing everyone that a phone made you do it (which I highly wouldn’t recommend) than you might want to think about how you choose to engage with that oh so delicious piece of tech at the end of your hand.

You are not defined by your parents blueprint

An essay on understanding the effects of your parental blueprint, finding the authentic self/voice and designing a operating system for a better life.

Stop chasing happiness, seek meaning

This is where I’m going to offer an alternative methodology to happiness and the first thing you need to do, is to stop chasing happiness. Yes, you read that right, stop chasing happiness. Now I know that’s not what all the self-help gurus will tell you, but hear me out.

The things nobody tells you about change

I know change, you know change, we all have experienced change. Yet I find we never talk about the full tsunami of emotions that come with it. We point to academic data and countless visualisations to show the emotional cycle of change but we filter it all.

Don’t aim to be popular, aim to be real

It’s easy for all of us to chase the allure of fame and fortune, but what happens if you catch it? Would you be happy with the person you are/ have become to get those things?

The power of learning to say no

I’ve made countless mistakes in the past of saying yes to everything because I wanted to be seen as the good dependable guy who will try to help everyone. Yet all that resulted in was me becoming stressed about supporting others with their tasks and not being able to focus energy on my own stuff.

You are going to be ok

To show kindness, compassion and understanding to ourselves may just allow us to show more to others. Life is crazy, shit happens and most of it is never in our control but it is in our reaction to those times of hardship that we can show a little more love for ourselves.

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