Podcast Episode #7: Live streaming, Twitch and the new wave of online careers

The latest episode of the Steal These Thoughts! audio experience aka my podcast has just dropped on all your favourite podcast platforms.

#13: Bringing the world of learning and employee experience together Steal These Thoughts!

In this episode, I’m joined by popular Twitch gaming streamer Dan aka The OnlyNoodles to talk about the rise of live streaming, twitch and the new wave of careers where the next generation are using new channels to build a career.

We talk about:

  • Live game streaming and why it’s so popular
  • Twitch – what is it and how it’s grown
  • How people are building careers with Twitch and YouTube gaming
  • Unpacking Esports and why it’s a big deal in 2020
  • How you can start your own live streaming journey.

Connect with Dan and watch his Twitch stream here

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