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Top 21 thoughts of 2020 that will make you a badass in 2021

Here’s the latest in my yearly series of curated thoughts that could make you a better human next year.

This quick post contains a treasure trove of the top free content that I’ve shared in 2020, all neatly packed into those lists that we all love at this time of the year.

Something for everyone in here, stuff for learning teams, personal development geeks and my fellow friends trying to calm the monkey mind.

Basically some good stuff so we can all be better humans.

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In no particular order:

Building a modern learning team: Who you need

Why you should spend more time with your operating system

Leadership Lessons: Jurgen Klopp’s playbook

Remember what got you to the dance

Keeping mentally healthy in strange times

The revelation of choices

Making the most of Microsoft Teams: A playbook for learning teams

How to focus and prioritise your time


Thoughts on employee reboarding post COVID-19

How to re-skill for the new world

The mystery of “making it”

How the world of people development will evolve post-pandemic

Advice for graduates on starting a career in strange times

How not to F**k up feedback

Why recognising what to unlearn is just as important as what to learn

The ultimate guide to converting learning content into valuable on-demand digital resources

The fear conundrum

Why L&D (alone) won’t solve your problems

From learning to performance engineering: Defining what it is that L&D teams actually do

How to keep your shit together when the world is on fire

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