Deep Thoughts

The power of purpose

So, tell me, why do you rise in the morning? 

What a deep and personal question to start us off – how often do you ask this ? I imagine not too often.

It’s not a trick question, think about it for a moment…

Daily Thoughts

Turn your inner critic into your coach

We all have that familiar voice in our head, which creeps up to tell us what we can’t do. You know, when it tells you, you’re not smart enough, not tough enough or you’ll never be capable of anything.

We all have that voice and we all struggle with it.

Deep Thoughts

How adopting a beginner’s mindset enables lifelong growth

You may have heard the terminology of fixed vs growth mindset.

It’s insanely popular in the self-help and self-improvement culture. You’ll find the digital highway known as the online world, littered with everyone and their dog’s opinion on why it’s better to have a growth mindset rather than a fixed one.

I’m not here to give you another captain obvious statement. I mean, we all know that having a fixed mindset isn’t going to get us far in, well, anything really.

Instead, I want to focus on how one would achieve this approach of cultivating a growth mindset. And, it actually all starts with one simple thought – assume you know nothing.

Deep Thoughts

How not to join a cult

Ok, this is all about exploring the pitfalls of toxic tribalism and the power of different points of view, being challenged and embracing the potential of changing our minds.

In this strange world we occupy (and this particular moment in time) we seem to be littered with tribal movements who want to tell us their way is the best way to X, Y and Z. Not only that, you must also shun any other way of living or philosophy on navigating the world too.

Deep Thoughts

What I learned in 2020

Well, what a year that was! Probably a slight understatement but it’ll be a year we won’t soon forget and one forever burnt into our history.

I’ve heard many people say that 2020 has been a lost year.

However, I can’t agree with this. I don’t think it’s been lost, rather I think it’s one that’s presented a variety of opportunities, and time (whether good or bad) to slow down to assess how we’ve been living up till now.

So, with the turbulence of 2020 comes a somewhat diverse set of learnings from my own world in the last 12 months. Here’s a few that I believe are worth sharing.