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You Need Discipline Not Motivation – Here’s How To Get It!

It’s time for a little story…

Four years ago I created my Steal These Thoughts brand which consists of a blog (yes, the thing you’re reading right now) and weekly newsletter where I share ideas, thoughts and (hopefully) useful stuff.

I had no grand plans for it and I still don’t.

I’ve just reached the milestone of writing my 500th post on the blog. So, for you mathematicians other there, that’s an average of 100 posts a year.

They’re not all amazing, I can tell you that. But, they’re some gems in there and some of my best work (biased, of course). Yet, I didn’t get here on motivation alone.

Discipline and the structure that discipline gives me, have enabled me to produce this work.

The discipline I’ve instilled has me sitting down every Sunday for at least 5 hours to write my weekly newsletter.

Just like the 5-6 hours I spend on focused deep work during the week.

Motivation is great, but it doesn’t produce long-term results.

If I was only producing my best by being motivated. I’d only have a few editions of my newsletter and perhaps articles only reaching into the double digits.

So, if you want to know what does work for long-term output.

Welcome discipline into your life.

Before you go… 👋

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