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The Death Of Netflix For Learning: Why It Didn’t Work

Not so long ago, the learning tech industry was very hot on the slogan of creating a “Netflix for learning”. Yet, it never went anywhere (thankfully).

Here are 3 reasons why it was a bad idea ⬇️

1/ Content overload: More is not always better

Many content libraries are bloated and thus hardly fulfil the promise of the right content at the moment of need. So new content every week to get lost in is not a good experience for learning tech.

2/ Decision fatigue

Too many options lead to too many choices, leading to fear and fatigue of picking the wrong thing.

How often have you sat down to select a film on Netflix and still find yourself doom scrolling 2 hours later? That’s not helpful for short attention spans and seeking answers to problems.

3/ Algorithmic hell: Beware the recommendation engines

The more you engage with a certain topic the more it’s fed to keep you watching vs obtaining value. This might work for entertainment and social content but is often worthless for educational content.

So, whilst this is all great for Netflix as an entertainment product (and I do love it), it doesn’t translate well for educational products.

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