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It’s not me, it’s you: the reality of building a new learning culture

You may have come across some of my writing before where I’ve spoken at length around learning cultures and my experiences in shaping new ways of thinking across audiences for the modern age. What I’ve not delved that deep into previously, is what you need from those people in return to realise the vision of a culture of learning as an everyday behaviour.

L&D Tools Learning Strategy

How to Measure L&D Success: Don’t Do That, Do This

Is your Learning and Development team missing out on the opportunity to understand the impact of learning? 

If you’re not embracing the use of data then the answer is Yes.

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Bring the Drake approach to your learning offer

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the past month, you may have heard that the highly acclaimed artist known as Drake just dropped his most recent and one of the most anticipated works of music this year to much fanfare and hysteria.

His latest album titled Scorpion, is his fifth major release in the past 8 years and is supported with another 5 mixtape releases in that timeline, so it’s safe to say Drake is one busy and creative chap.

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How To Build A High-Performing Learning Ecosystem: 5 Lessons From Apple

I’m a big fan of Apple products and their simplicity.

You might even accuse me of being a “fan boy”.

Like many people, I’ve studied the history of Apple to try to understand what makes them awesome, their failures, how they’ve fallen and risen several times.

Much can be learnt from this.

L&D Tools Learning Strategy

How To Build Communities That Will Skyrocket Your Brand

Do you want to start a cult with me?

Don’t worry it’s not going to be one of those posts.

One of the biggest challenges many face in today’s crowded market is communicating how great a product, service or piece of content is to an audience.

Actually getting those individuals to use said service or engage with your resources can be just as troublesome.