Daily Thoughts

Making the most of Microsoft Teams: A playbook for L&D teams

I’ve been lucky enough to use a number of pretty cool collaboration tools in my career so far. 

Microsoft Teams along with Slack have been at the top of my most used pile. Specifically, I’ve been working with these tools to enable and support my work in workplace learning.

As we’ve pivoted to a remote working model globally for the interim, I thought I’d share some tips, tricks and resources that will help any learning team (and really any person working remotely) make the most of Microsoft Teams.


The simplicity of learning — why you’re sabotaging your peoples development

It feels like many of us like to over complicate what should be the simple process of learning. As a society we have been sharing knowledge on how to improve our skills from one to another for thousands of years, no buzzwords were attached to this, just good old fashioned you need to know something so let me show you how.

Deep Thoughts

Learning: Infinity war — ecosystems, blended approaches and the best tool for the job.

The field of learning can be a complex one, filled with infinite opportunities to develop yourself and a constant shifting of ways in which to do this.