What not to do in developing culture and behaviour change

The cardinal sins of culture and behaviour change projects

Developing a change in culture is difficult in any field, you’ve no doubt read articles on how to make a successful shift and how you can support a cultural change and nurture it for years to come. This article isn’t one of those, this article is about the exact opposite, about what not to do if you want to really change a culture and the mindset of your people when it comes to learning. To help me in this piece and to explore the insights to not screwing this up, I’ll be using the popular film character of John Wick and various analogies to demonstrate my points. Continue reading

Disconnection in a connected world

What a time to be alive as the mighty Drake has said and it really is true. We live in a unique time where technology has advanced at such a stellar pace that it’s enabled humanity to do many wonderful feats.

We can’t deny that right now we have the most advanced methods of real time communication in existence, with the ability to stay connected to everyone and everything, wherever we are in the world — so why are so many of us feeling more disconnected from the world and others than ever?

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Why social media is a powerful tool for continuous learning

It’s no secret that social media gets a lot of negativity and for good reason in some cases, yet due to this narrative we tend to not focus on the good it can bring to our lives. Yes, these platforms provide an opportunity to connect with anyone we want (whether that is real connection is another topic) and with this connection comes an opportunity to share a wealth of knowledge across our communities.

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