Deep Thoughts

Be like Batman: Keep evolving and diversifying your skills

This is a tongue in cheek post but one that has an important message on having a varied skill set that continues to evolve and contribute to your overall talent stack.

Many say that skills in the workplace is the biggest economy nowadays and it’s hard to disagree. The skills you possess make you more attractive to employers, allow you to execute on the work you do and pay for your lifestyle.

Yes, you heard that right, the better quality and diversity of your skills, the more dollars are dropping in your bank account.

Daily Thoughts

Spend more time with your operating system (OS)

I don’t mean IOS, Android, Windows or any digital OS of choice.

I’m talking about the original OS. The thing that’s in all our heads, the thing that we can’t help but avoid any type of stillness with for more than 60 seconds.

I’m talking about your mind.


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