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Onboarding With Slack: 5 Awesome Ideas For A Great Experience

Looking to make better use of your workplace technology to create a great employee experience?

Then look no further as I have some ideas to share with you.

In my humble opinion, the new starter onboarding process or the welcome experience as I prefer to call it, is one of the most important elements of joining a new company.

One which sadly, many workplaces screw up.

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How To Build a Modern Digital Learning Tech Ecosystem

Let me ask you this, do you think people are accessing your LMS or LXP to ask questions about their problems?


Preview of the Steal These Thoughts Podcast 🎙️

Creating an audio experience for my blog has been something I’ve been wrestling with for some time. With some extra time on my hands, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and take the plunge into the world of podcasting as an experiment.

Not sure if I’ll do this long term but let’s see how it goes. Get a taster of the first episode focused on employee reboarding post COVID-19 in the video below.


What Batman can teach us about skill building

This is a tongue in cheek post but one that has an important message on having a varied skill set that continues to evolve and contribute to your overall talent stack.

Many say that skills in the workplace is the biggest economy nowadays and it’s hard to disagree. The skills you possess make you more attractive to employers, allow you to execute on the work you do and pay for your lifestyle.

Yes, you heard that right, the better quality and diversity of your skills, the more dollars are dropping in your bank account.

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How To Structure a Modern Learning and Development Team

Many corporate learning teams have been slow to evolve their philosophies. They don’t understand the value they can bring and how they structure their teams to provide the best service to their people.

Perhaps, the first question should be if we even call it an L&D team anymore? But I’ll leave that debate for another day.